Promote Positive Stories of British Muslims

You can help inspire communities by gifting copies of Small Change, Big Difference to libraries and community centers across the UK. Too often the only stories that we read or hear about Muslims are filled with negativity. They don’t represent the rich diversity and cultures that our Muslim communities are bursting with. You can help change that!

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Small Change, Big Difference is a uniquely British Muslim story. It’s a gripping read, filled with thrills and spills, as the author, Penny Appeal founder Adeem Younis, takes us behind the scenes of how our charity was founded and explores the secrets and struggles of what it took to build a global humanitarian movement.

This is a story of hope and inspiration, of overcoming the odds and making the world a better place as inspired by our faith. 

We want to share this story far and wide so that people of all backgrounds and faiths can connect to an inspiring story, where the heroes are everyday Muslims who have gone above and beyond in helping to build a better world. 

You can help promote positive narratives of our faith and our communities by sponsoring the purchase and distribution of Small Change, Big Difference: The Penny Appeal Story. Remember, all proceeds from book sales will support Penny Appeal’s lifesaving work at home and abroad.

Give a gift that keeps giving! Let’s get a copy of Small Change, Big Difference in every library and community centre across the country!

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