Let’s Get Positive Stories of British Muslims in Our Schools

Did you know almost a third of British Muslims are under the age of 15? And that there’s an estimated 300,000 Muslim teenagers across the country? The next generation of young people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are in desperate need for stories that affirm our Islamic faith and inspire them to be leaders of our society.

Small Change, Big Difference is a story unlike any other. The story of Adeem Younis, the founder of Penny Appeal who as a boy, relied on free school dinners and grew into the man who has helped serve 49 million meals to those in need. The Penny Appeal story is filled with inspiration and hope, that you need not be defined by your circumstances and that whoever you are, you can make a positive difference in our world.

Help Get Every School a Copy of Small Change, Big Difference

Flip the Script and Change the Narrative

We want to get a copy of our story to be in every single school across the country but we need your help. Sponsor the purchase and production of Small Change, Big Difference and we will distribute copies to as many schools as we can.

All proceeds from book sales will go to support Penny Appeal projects at home and abroad, so the reward is two fold! Not only are you spreading positive stories of British Muslims far and wide to inspire our future generations, but you’re also supporting our crucial, lifesaving projects all across the world!

Support of School Appeal today and give a gift that will inspire our future generations for years to come. 

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