Donate Food in Sierra Leone

Almost half of all child deaths in Sierra Leone are caused by malnutrition. Donate to help Penny Appeal feed vulnerable individuals and families in need for just £1 a meal.

Feed the Hungry in Sierra Leone

Hunger in Sierra Leone

Malnourished child in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, malnutrition is the single greatest cause of child mortality in the country. Nationally, nearly one third of under-fives are chronically malnourished. Tragically, families just cannot afford to buy nutritious foods which could save their children’s lives. 

Almost 50% of people in Sierra Leone lack food security, and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Penny Appeal asks you to help those living in these extreme conditions. By simply donating £1 you will provide a meal for those who need it most.

Donate food to Sierra Leone for just £1

Sierra Leone Family with Food Donations

For just £1, you can feed the hungry in Sierra Leone. Your small change will provide food for those who would otherwise go without, and provide a desperately hungry person with a nutritious meal.

For just £30, you can help the poor in Sierra Leone by providing someone with one meal every single day for a month.

This Ramadan, Penny Appeal aims to distribute approximately 35,000 meals to individuals and families crippled by poverty in Sierra Leone. Beyond providing daily meals, we will be distributing food hampers to help families feed their children in Sierra Leone. 

Donate today, and help save the lives of the people of Sierra Leone!


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