Daily Iftar Meals Delivered In Gaza This Ramadan


In the midst of ongoing crisis, Penny Appeal is dedicated to delivering daily Iftar emails to our brothers and sisters in Gaza throughout the month of Ramadan. This initiative aims to provide vital support and nourishment to those facing hunger and malnutrition amidst the challenging circumstances in Gaza. 

Combatting Malnutrition Amidst Crisis

The United Nations has issued a severe warning, painting a grim picture of hunger and suffering among the children of Gaza. Unimaginable violence, scarce resources, and a lack of access to adequate nutrition have left Gaza's children vulnerable and deeply traumatised. The UN's report underscores the urgent need for intervention, as hunger and disease continue to ravage the region. 

In Gaza, hunger and disease have become a deadly combination, posing a severe threat to the well-being of its youngest inhabitants. One in six children under the age of two in Gaza are suffering from acute malnutrition. This crisis-within-a-crisis demands immediate action to prevent further suffering and loss. 

Feed Our World in Gaza: Offering Hope in Times of Despair

Amidst the chaos and despair, Penny Appeal’s Feed Our World project in Palestine stands alongside our Emergency Response efforts, offering relief and sustenance. We understand the complexities of the crisis and are committed to providing immediate support to those facing hunger and malnutrition. Our mission is clear – to ensure that no child goes hungry and to nurture a future where every individual has access to peace, protection, nutritious food, and the opportunity to thrive. 

Why Your Support Matters: 

Immediate Relief: Your contribution provides immediate relief to children and families who have been facing hunger and malnutrition since the onslaught began. 

Empowering Communities: Your support enables us to work directly with communities in Gaza (and Gazan refugees who have fled the region), addressing the root causes of food insecurity and empowering individuals to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

Join Us in the Fight Against Hunger: Support Feed Our World in Palestine: 

Join us in our mission to combat hunger and malnutrition among the war-stricken families of Gaza. Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can provide nourishment, hope, and a pathway to a brighter future for Palestinian children. 

Act Now: Support Feed Our World in Palestine


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