One Day in the Haram

The film that SOLD OUT back in 2018 and inspired Muslims everywhere is BACK by popular demand this February and March 2020!

Experience the Haram on the big screen, and watch as the brilliance of Hajj unfolds before you. Book your tickets now!


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Experience One Day in the Haram

The Holy Mosque of Makkah, the Sacred Mosque, the Haram.

This blessed masjid is home to the Kaaba, the most sacred site in all of Islam, and the destination for millions of pilgrims completing Hajj. Throughout the 7 continents, this Holy Sanctuary in Makkah is the most revered place for over 1.8 billion Muslims - so revered, in fact, that non-Muslims are forbidden from entering its holy grounds.

Visiting the Haram is a profound experience that every Muslim must embark on at some point in their lives. Whether you’ve completed your Hajj or you’ve yet to go, understanding the history of the Haram and its significance to Islam is vastly important. 

After a SOLD OUT 2018 Tour, now you have the chance to view the inner workings of the Haram and take in the majesty of the Kaaba as they light up the screen this February and March in the acclaimed movie, One Day in the Haram.  Tickets are on offer for a limited time only, get the 4 ticket bundle offer for £15, proceeds go towards aiding our Emergency Response appeal.


Get a Behind the Scenes Look into Islam's Holiest Site

This captivating story of the Haram shows the world how the Holy Mosque of Makkah is run and just what goes into keeping it a sacred place of beauty and prayer for Muslims everywhere. See the Haram through the eyes of the people who live and work there, while you spend a day touring all aspects of this blessed site.

Director Abrar Hussain offers a unique look into the rich history of the Haram and shows the world how traditional Islamic rituals and modern technology have come together in Makkah to facilitate worship. This movie is a compilation of breath-taking footage, insightful ancient traditions and a narrative that truly moves you to tears.

One Day in the Haram will be returning to theatres for a nationwide tour from the 20th February to 8th March 2020

Tickets are on offer for a limited time only, get the 4 ticket bundle offer for £15, proceeds go towards aiding our Emergency Response appeal.

Penny Appeal’s Emergency Response appeal is a life-changing campaign that provides emergency food packs, urgent medical supplies and emergency shelter to people in need. When you get your tickets to see One Day in the Haram, you’ll be in for an awe-inspiring night while supporting those in crisis.

Get 4 tickets for £15 now to see the extraordinary story of the Haram today!


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