1. How much can I donate to the Penny Appeal Waqf?

You can choose to donate as much or as little as you are able to afford.  The Waqf fund is a gift that keeps giving, so the more you are able to donate the more the fund will be able to grow and thus benefit more and more people in need.  

2. Can I pay in instalments?

You can choose how much and when you pay.  We recommend making a monthly direct debit so your donations to the Waqf fund can continue to grow month on month. You can also make one-off donations of any amount.

3. What do I receive for my donation?

On receipt of your donation, all donors to the Waqf fund will receive a certificate acknowledging your contribution. If you start a monthly direct debit you will be notified when your contributions reach a certain threshold and receive an updated certificate with your new amount.  

4. Do I get a say where the Waqf funds are invested into?

Penny Appeal has set up a governance committee of experts from both the worlds of business and philanthropy, who will determine the optimum places to invest our Waqf funds. They will ensure that we have a mixed portfolio with an aim of maximising profits and minimising risk.

5. What is donated to charity?

All of the interest or profits generated by the assets invested by the Penny Appeal Waqf are donated to charity.  This means that your donation never goes away, it is the ultimate form of giving and ensures your gift continues to keep giving. 

6. Can I say where the proceeds from my Waqf go?

You can choose to allocate the proceeds of your Waqf donation to any one of Penny Appeal's award-winning campaigns or instead contribute to our general Waqf fund, meaning your donation will support all the work already underway at Penny Appeal, helping transform millions of lives around the world and at home in the UK too. 

7. Who owns the assets of the Waqf?

The unique feature of a Waqf is that once donated, no one person will ever own the funds or investment. Rather the funds are held in trust solely for charity purposes and will be managed by the Penny Appeal investment committee to ensure the investment continues to serve those in need.

8. Can I get my money back

A Waqf donation is similar to all other donations in that once the funds have been committed, they remain a charitable contribution for the cause/campaign that you specify at the point of donation.

9. Do I receive a share of profits?

All income and profits generated from the Waqf fund are used solely for charitable causes both home and abroad. 

10. Is donating to a Waqf Islamic?

 Yes. The Waqf model was established by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, and was a hallmark of Islamic civilization. The Penny Appeal Waqf Fund is reviving this tradition, ensuring you are able to give the ultimate gift and revive an established Sunnah.

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