Sustainable Water Solutions

Every drop of water is a precious gift from Allah (SWT)

Water is life, and as we celebrate this Islamic New Year, let us make the most of His precious gifts, by helping build a Desalination Plant, a Rainwater Harvesting System or a Solar Panelled Water and Power Centre to deliver drinkable water to entire communities!

Check out our sustainable water solutions this Muharram and make a donation in the name of the Prophet (ﷺ), Imam Hussain (RA) or his companions.

Desalination Plants in Palestine

Water resources continue to be critically scarce in many areas across Palestine. Give hope to entire communities across the holy lands by helping to build a lifesaving desalination plant and provide a reliable source of clean and fresh water to thousands, every single day!

Desalination plants are a secure water source that don’t depend on rain, so even when it doesn’t rain in Palestine, communities can still be guaranteed a fresh and clean water source. Instead, desalination plants turn sea water into drinking water! Seawater is pumped into the desalination plant which then removes all mineral components from saline water and filters the water into fresh and clean drinking water – Subhan’Allah!

If we break this down:

£300 could service 390 Palestinian children with fresh clean water.

£500 could provide 650 Palestinian children with fresh clean water.

£10,000 could provide 7,500 Palestinian children with fresh clean water.

£20,000 could provide 15,000 Palestinian children with fresh clean water.


Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Millions of people around the world, in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan live with a daily struggle to find clean water to drink. In Pakistan, the UN estimates that 40% of all deaths are caused by drinking contaminated water.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems collect clean rainwater, every droplet a gift from Allah (SWT), to transform the lives of people living in poverty by simply collecting the rainwater from rooftops, purifying it and then filtering it through a pipe into a safe storage tank.

It’s a sustainable, safe and sanitary way to provide clean water. This Muharram, help Penny Appeal harvest the rain and give life-changing, clean, safe water to families, schools and entire communities around the world!

Build a Rainwater Harvesting System today 

How Does a Rainwater Harvesting Systems work?

Solar Panel Water and Power Centres

Our Solar Panel Water and Power Centres are specially designed to provide water and electricity to whole communities.

These centres can provide 2,500 people and livestock with fresh, clean water every day, eliminating the threat of waterborne diseases that come with drinking contaminated water. They’re also a sustainable source of electricity and power for schools, mosques and the entire community.

Join together with other donors this Muharram to provide clean water to communities in need with a Solar Panel Water and Power Centre!

We always do our best to meet your requests!

Penny Appeal will endeavour to use your gift as requested, wherever possible. If for any reason we cannot use your donation as you have indicated, we will use it to fund similar projects in other countries or other projects in the relevant country. Penny Appeal’s strategic overview and on the ground experience means it is in the best position to decide how to meet need as it arises.


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