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24/7 DONATION HOTLINE Cards Accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Electron, Maestro, Solo

0800 73 101 54

Free from landlines

03000 11 11 11

Free from mobiles*

IMAGE:American Sharia Tour

American Sharia Tour

IMAGE:Winter Emergency 2014

Winter Emergency 2014

IMAGE:Emergency Appeals

Emergency Appeals

IMAGE:Smile Relief

Smile Relief

IMAGE:Hifz Orphan

Hifz Orphan

IMAGE:Thirst Relief

Thirst Relief

IMAGE:Be a part of #TeamOrange!

Be a part of #TeamOrange!



IMAGE:Feed Our World

Feed Our World

IMAGE:Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

IMAGE:Amir Khan Foundation

Amir Khan Foundation

IMAGE:Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour


Our approach to charity is simple: we take small change and make a BIG difference with it!

Penny Appeal is the budget charity with a fear nothing, seize-the-day, can-do attitude looking to make charitable giving affordable.

All our projects and campaigns are carefully constructed and designed with affordability and high impact at their heart. We constantly strive to reach out and benefit the maximum number of poor and needy people we can, in ways that cost our donors no more than a pocketful of pennies a day!

Read why...

This is what Penny Appeal is all about - small change pounding poverty and transforming lives!

We’d love you to join us and start doing charity…

the ‘small change, BIG difference’ way!

Penny Appeal on YouTube

American Sharia the Movie (UK Tour) Trailer

61 seconds

Penny Appeal Presents: American Sharia (UK Tour)

31 seconds

American Sharia the Movie - Omer Regan Interview

503 seconds

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