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24/7 DONATION HOTLINE Cards Accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Electron, Maestro, Solo

0800 73 101 54

Free from landlines

03000 11 11 11

Free from mobiles*

IMAGE:Adopt a Gran

Adopt a Gran

IMAGE:Hifz Orphan

Hifz Orphan



IMAGE:The Mosque Project

The Mosque Project

IMAGE:Thirst Relief

Thirst Relief

IMAGE:Education First

Education First

IMAGE:Feed Our World

Feed Our World

IMAGE:Rohingya Emergency

Rohingya Emergency

IMAGE:Amir Khan Foundation

Amir Khan Foundation

IMAGE:Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

IMAGE:Fidya or Kaffarah

Fidya or Kaffarah



IMAGE:TeamOrange Iftaar Tour

TeamOrange Iftaar Tour

IMAGE:Be part of #TeamOrange!

Be part of #TeamOrange!

IMAGE:Emergency Appeals

Emergency Appeals

IMAGE:Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

IMAGE:Masjid Al-Aqsa Ramadan 2015

Masjid Al-Aqsa Ramadan 2015

IMAGE:Charity Gifts

Charity Gifts

IMAGE:Dare to Dive: Save Lives

Dare to Dive: Save Lives


The Penny Appeal way of doing charity is simple - we take small change and make a BIG difference with it! Our unique approach makes charitable giving affordable and rewardable, and allows us to transform lives in ways that cost you just a few pennies each day.

Your donations provide aid to poor and needy people in over 30 crisis-hit countries worldwide. You can help us build wells, care for orphans, deliver urgent medical aid and healthcare, provide nutritious meals, open schools, orphanages and mosques, care for the elderly and much more.

Join us today to start doing charity the “small change, big difference” way – find out how

A penny on its own is not worth a lot, but a few pennies, given regularly, add up to life-changing aid.


We’d love you to join us and start doing charity…

the ‘small change, BIG difference’ way!


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