Official Statement MY Helpline

MY Helpline is a new service to be run by Penny Appeal. 

It is a listening service that provides a trustworthy, confidential and non-judgemental space for young people who need to talk. We don't promote or advocate any particular agenda, issue or position on any subject matter. We let the young people do the talking and lend a listening ear, and wherever possible, a helping hand. 

In 2016, Penny Appeal along with two other Muslim charity partners (World Federation and the Aziz Foundation) stepped in to assist the existing Muslim Youth Helpline who were experiencing serious difficulties with sustaining the service that they provided. Over the course of three years, Penny Appeal extended both significant financial support and human resources in order to help get MYH back on its feet. Unfortunately, despite all our best efforts, it has not been the case that the organisation has been able to re-establish itself by running a full-time service with a sustainable business model.  During this three year support period, one funder withdrew due to management issues at the organisation, and its chair resigned due to various irregularities. However, Penny Appeal continued to assist MYH believing in the fundamental necessity of a helpline service for our youth. 

Penny Appeal’s interest is, as it has always been, to ensure that young people have a safe and reliable outlet to seek the support they need. It became clear to us that this would not be satisfied with the existing provisions. It is important that young people have access to a sustainable and fully functioning service for their wellbeing. Our collaboration and support for the existing Muslim Youth Helpline is testimony to the fact that we are here to help. We stuck with them to help them through difficulties when others withdrew but we have always been clear that once the three-year funding agreement ended, if the existing management were unable to establish a fully functioning and sustainable service, then we would look at alternatives to ensure young people have what they need.

Our priority, in the past and now, is to put young people first, to prioritise their needs, and to support their welfare and wellbeing with a helpline service that they can rely on to be there when they need it.

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