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Mobile Classroom

The Mobile Classroom is part of Penny Appeal’s wider Education First programme and is designed to reach displaced children in hard-to-reach areas - many of whom are refugees - during their attempt to integrate into a new society.



What is the Mobile Classroom?

The Mobile Classroom is a repurposed shipping container, uniquely outfitted to house educational materials, interactive media and a space for children to learn. Inside the classroom, the area is divided into two parts; the largest area is designated for educational activities, which is essentially the activity area. It is fully equipped with tablets, a screen projector and appropriate furniture as befitting an interactive classroom environment. The second area is a living space complete with furniture and meeting equipment.


The classroom can be attached to a truck, enabling it to be transported where it is needed, allowing it to service several sites and bring education to displaced children close to their new homes.


The Mobile Classroom’s primary goals and objectives are to contribute to the enrolment process of displaced children into new schools, to enhance education levels in beneficiaries through technology, deliver language lessons and to help children adapt to their new circumstances.


The entire curriculum delivered within the classroom is designed to help children integrate and prepare them for the new education system they will eventually join. Multimedia visuals will be used, along with documentaries and lessons delivered by teachers trained specifically for this initiative.


Take a look inside:


Why is the classroom needed?

The classroom is needed to help children displaced by conflict in their homeland gain an education, and to assist them to integrate into their new society.


Many thousands of children have been re-housed and partially integrated into unfamiliar societies. Before the Mobile Classroom’s inception, the children generally had very little access to education. To address this situation, Penny Appeal and its partners on the ground, have set up this initiative to provide education and integration services for children displaced by conflict.



How does the classroom help?

The key strength of the classroom service is its mobility. As many children have been re-housed and re-homed, in countless different scenarios, a mobile solution was needed to deliver education provision to hard-to-reach-areas.


Although the classroom is the first of its kind delivered by Penny Appeal’s Education First programme, it is an initiative that is expected to spur on other similar projects. This is because the need is set to grow, as more children around the world are displaced by conflict and other circumstances.


The combination of its mobility, state-of-the-art education provision, curriculum and professionally trained teachers makes this Mobile Classroom an excellent solution, in the mission to deliver education to displaced children. 

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