Afghanistan Winter Emergency:

Battling the Coldest Temperatures in a Decade.

In the war-torn landscapes of Afghanistan, winters bring not just cold temperatures but a looming threat to communities already grappling with homelessness, food insecurity, and isolation.

Penny Appeal's Winter Emergency campaign is a beacon of hope for the people of Afghanistan, providing essential aid to those facing the most dangerous winter in recent memory.

Harsh Winter Realities

Deadly Cold: Winters in Afghanistan can be deadly, with temperatures plummeting to -25°C for months at a time. The recent winter of early 2023 marked the coldest in over a decade, reaching a bone-chilling -33°C. 
This year could be even worse.

Isolated Communities: Heavy snowfall isolates remote communities for months on end, cutting off access to basic services and leaving families stranded without essential necessities.

Food Insecurity: The cycle of drought in summer followed by extreme cold exacerbates food insecurity, leaving communities vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition.

Immediate Danger

Human Cost: The harsh conditions claimed lives last winter, with hundreds of people succumbing to the freezing temperatures. Additionally, the extreme cold took a toll on livestock, with up to 70,000 perishing.

Childhood at Risk: Up to 300,000 children face the imminent threat of illness and even death due to the freezing winter conditions, highlighting the urgent need for assistance.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Penny Appeal has been a steadfast presence on the ground in Afghanistan for many years, providing life-saving aid to the 3.5 million displaced by years of conflict and unrest. This winter, your support can make a significant impact on the lives of those who have lost everything.

With your help, we will:

Provide Warmth and Shelter: Distribute blankets, warm clothing, and emergency shelters to protect families from the biting cold.

Combat Food Insecurity: Deliver food packs to alleviate hunger and malnutrition, ensuring families have the sustenance they need to endure the winter months.

Save Lives: Support medical aid initiatives to address the health risks faced by vulnerable populations, especially children.

Join us in the fight against the coldest winters Afghanistan has experienced in years. Your generosity can bring warmth, hope, and life-saving aid to those facing unimaginable challenges. Together, we can ensure that this winter is a season of hope and healing for all.

Penny Appeal will endeavour to use your gift as requested, wherever possible. If for any reason we cannot use your donation as you have indicated, we will use it to fund similar projects in other countries or other projects in the relevant country. Penny Appeal’s strategic overview and on the ground experience means it is in the best position to decide how to meet need as it arises.

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