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The Medina


Inspired by the Prophetic City of Light, The Medina promises to be a focal point of British Muslim life.  The Medina will be the UK's most advanced Masjid and centre of excellence.

Just like the Prophet Muhammad (saw), was supported by the ‘Ansaar’  the 'helpers’ we are reaching out to you, to be the ‘Ansaar’ - the helpers of The Medina.

£30 per month
£100  - 1 sq ft£300 - 3 sq ft£500 - 5 sq ft



names of allah door to mercy
gift of purity a room in paradise

150,000 sq ft, 10 zones, one revolutionary complex

The Medina will be the UK’s only centre combining spiritual growth, charity, welfare, health and wellbeing, education, arts and culture, tackling Islamophobia, training of Imams and future leaders, and so much more.


The Medina is reflective of our collective desire to collaborate, engage, inspire and break the confines of stigma and prejudice.



The Journey to The Medina


The Medina will feature the very best that the Muslim community can offer, however we can only reach our goal with you by our side.


In Phase 1, we raised over £1 million and purchased a building in the heart of Yorkshire.


Now, with over 100,000 square feet to house “The Medina,” the next phase can begin. We have reached Phase 2, now we need you. 


With your help, we can get to work on the proposed plans to turn our revolutionary vision into reality.


However, we will only be successful if every one of us accepts the challenge and is prepared to invest time, money and faith into The Medina. 


  £1,000 - Imam Ali   £1,000 - Utham Ali  £1,000 - Umar ibn al-Khattab  £1,000 - Abu Baker as-Siddique


    £2000 - Sayyeda Fatimah£2000 - Sayyeda Khadijah £2000 - Sayyeda Maryam  £2000 - Sayyeda Asiya


   £5000 99 Names of Allah       £10000 Door to Mercy


  £25,000 Gift of Purity        £50,000 A Room in Paradise


A development centred around you


The Medina is a place to seek solace and peace, discover new ideas, and connect with the world.

The impressive building will house an array of facilities to cater for the vast needs of the local community and wider society as a whole including:



With capacity for over 500 people, the Mosque will be the epicentre of faith for the local Muslim community, and wider society, for brothers and sisters alike. 


Community Centre  

The Medina will house an impressive auditorium, rooms and spaces that can be hired for a variety of events, from conferences, to meetings, receptions and weddings - set in what will become one of Yorkshire’s most iconic buildings.



  • 5-a-side football pitch
  • State of the art gym
  • Cafe and food court
  • Nurseries
  • Children's Zone


Cultural Hub

We plan to innovate with outstanding artists to create a space that explores art forms, investing in the artists of today and tomorrow.  



  • Art galleries
  • Exhibition space
  • Leadership and training programmes
  • Multi-media production and studios
  • Digital hub


Education Zone


Inspirational youth programmes, led by Sheikhs from across the world will motivate and empower the leaders of the future.


The Location


Perched on the River Calder and the Pennines, Wakefield is neighboured by Northern powerhouses Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester but don’t be mistaken, the city may be small but it refuses to be out-shined.


Wakefield is the heart of Yorkshire.  It is characteristically welcoming, and its community charm encourages diversity and opens opportunities for freedom of expression and conversation.


Located just 2 hours from Kings Cross, The Medina also lies close to the intersection of the M1 and M62 motorways, the A1(M) is to the east of the district. 


Donate Now!

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Other Donation Choices

Ansaar of The Medina
Donate £30.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Sponsor 1 Sq Ft
Donate £100.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Sponsor 3 Sq Ft
Donate £300.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Sponsor 5 Sq Ft
Donate £500.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Championship £1000 - Imam Ali
Donate £1000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Championship £1000 - Utham ibn Affan
Donate £1000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Championship £1000 - Umar ibn al-khattab
Donate £1000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Championship £1000 - Abu Bakr as-Siddique
Donate £1000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Queen of Paradise £2000 - Sayyeda Khadijah
Donate £1000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Queen of Paradise £2000 - Sayyeda Fatimah
Donate £2000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Queen of Paradise £2000 - Sayyeda Maryam
Donate £2000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Queen of Paradise £2000 - Sayyeda Asiya
Donate £2000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Limited Ed - £5000 - 99 Names of Allah
Donate £5000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Limited Ed - £10000 - Door to Mercy
Donate £10000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Limited Ed - £25000 - Gift of Purity
Donate £25000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

Limited Ed - £50000 - A Room in Paradise
Donate £50000.00 by Credit/Debit Card

The Medina



100% of your Zakat goes to those who are eligible - giving you 100% of the reward

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