UK Aid Match Explained


Between 10th March and 9th June 2019, the UK government will double your donations to our Fragile Lives Appeal, providing life-saving support to mothers and babies in Kenya and Pakistan.



Where will the funding from the UK government go?

For every pound you donate to our Fragile Lives appeal in Pakistan, the UK government will match it, and the funds will be used to save lives in Kenya.

In Kenya, we will be running a 3-year programme, offering medical care and nutrition support, as well as training and working with local midwives and doctors to improve maternal care practices and the safe delivery of babies. We will also offer education and support to families and mothers to help give their babies the best possible start to life.

What is UK Aid Match?

The UK Aid Match scheme is funded by UK Aid — the financial support the UK government gives to poorer countries to promote sustainable development, eliminate poverty and help people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict or disaster.  

UK Aid Match is a fund open to UK-based civil society organisations to run programmes in developing countries to help change the lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. It is designed to provide opportunities for the UK public to engage with international development issues and have a say in how UK Aid is spent. 

How does UK Aid Match work? 

For every pound you donate to Penny Appeal’s Fragile Lives appeal, the UK government also contributes a pound. This means your donation is DOUBLED!

With your support we are able to help even more mothers and babies increase their chance of survival and build their strength and resilience.

What donations are eligible for doubling? 

Donations are eligible for doubling from:

  • Individuals who are residents of thUK. 
  • Community groups and events, where the funding was not made on behalf of a private sector organisation. 
  • Organisations such as rotary clubs, as long as the organisation is not-for-profit and all individual donors within the organisation were aware of the appeal purpose and the government match funding.
  • Trusts, as long as each individual who owns the fund agreeto the donation being made during the appeal period. 
Is the Gift Aid on donations doubled? 

No, only the donation itself is doubled. 

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