What is Fidya

Fidya is an obligatory donation that must be made when a fast is missed through necessity, such as being ill or pregnant, and it cannot be made up after Ramadan.

The requirement for a Fidya donation is to provide one impoverished person with two meals, for each day that a fast is missed.

It costs £2 per meal, so for a single missed fast the amount payable is £4. If fasting is not possible for the whole month of Ramadan, the total is £120.

Your Fidya will provide someone in need with a nutritious meal they so desperately need.

Examples of when to pay Fidya

You will need to pay Fidyah for not fasting when you have good reasons for breaking your fast, and you cannot make up the fast at a later date after the month of Ramadan.

Acceptable reasons for people to miss a fast and make a Fidya donation include:

  • Pregnant women who are unable to fast
  • People with chronic illnesses, including mental illnesses
  • People who experience short-term illness over the month of Ramadan
  • People who need to continue taking their medication
  • Elderly people who cannot fast

If you need to pay Fidya for not fasting due to any of these reasons, you can pay your Fidya with Penny Appeal for £4 per fast missed, which provides two nutritious meals to those less fortunate.

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