Kenya Drought Emergency

A Humanitarian Crisis We Can’t Ignore

The drought in East Africa has caused a humanitarian crisis that we must urgently respond to.

Four consecutive failed rainy seasons have led to the most prolonged drought in 40 years, with the March-May 2022 rainy season having been the driest on records.

More than 4.1 million people are in desperate need of food, water, and shelter, and the situation is only getting worse. Children are the most vulnerable members of society during times of crisis, and they are suffering the most right now. 942,000 children in Kenya are acutely malnourished and in need of treatment.

We need to do more to help our brothers and sisters in Kenya. Please give what you can so we can extend a lifeline to those in need.

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The drought in Kenya has left many people without food or water. This comes at a time of political and economic uncertainty, as the country undergoes political rallies, demonstrations, and unrest ahead of the August 2022 general elections. The election is already causing disruptions to normal income-earning opportunities, and the drought will only make things worse.

The country has also been facing increased food prices as it depends heavily on imports from Ukraine/Russia. The rising food prices caused by the conflict have happened at a time when many families are still facing hard economic conditions after losing their livelihoods during the pandemic. These factors have also added to a likely increase in malnutrition among children and the general population in Kenya, and the drought is making the situation worse.

We must act now to support our brothers and sisters in Kenya and ensure that they have access to the supplies they need to survive this crisis.

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