Coronavirus Emergency UK

The possibility of a another wave of Covid-19 looms over the UK after months of difficulty.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on us all; but it has absolutely devastated those most vulnerable in our society. Many elderly people have lost loved ones and are still living in fear, whilst disadvantaged families struggle to put food on the table and thousands of homeless people have not had a proper home throughout this pandemic.

We’re partnering with Age UK Bradford to provide vital services for the elderly, and we’re working on the ground to help the homeless and raise money for the disadvantaged.

Show compassion in the midst of crisis; donate to our Coronavirus UK Emergency appeal now.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” – The Prophet (ﷺ)


Help The Elderly 

Food for the Elderly

The government has advised elderly people to stay isolated and avoid leaving their homes, because they’re particularly at risk from Covid-19.

This leaves millions of older people alone and unable to get food and essentials – many don’t know how to order food online or cannot afford to do so.

We’re working alongside Age UK Bradford and local churches, mosques and temples to find and support older people who need food supplies during isolation.

We’ll be giving vulnerable elderly people food packs including essentials like soup, pasta, UHT milk and (of course) tea bags!

Donate a food pack for the elderly for just £15 today.

Hardship Fund

When crisis strikes, it’s most devastating to people who are already living in poverty.

For struggling families and individuals, who may be on zero-hours contracts or who may need to stop work to care for children or vulnerable people, the coronavirus could leave them homeless and destitute.

In partnership with Age UK Bradford, Penny Appeal will be delivering Hardship Funds to vulnerable individuals, through means-tested grants which people in need can apply for in this challenging time.

Hygiene Packs for the Homeless

Homeless people are more likely to catch Covid-19, and they have no means to self-isolate. If they do fall ill, they may not be healthy enough to fight off the virus.

According to Shelter, almost 5,000 people in the UK sleep rough on the streets every night, and there are around 320,000 people without a fixed address. Without facilities for showering, and being subject to inadequate living conditions, thousands of people are subject to an increased risk of infection.

Penny Appeal are leading socially distanced street distributions of hygiene kits for the homeless within our communities as part of our vital Coronavirus UK Emergency appeal.

Listening Line

Our partner Age UK Bradford has described loneliness among many elderly people as a ‘silent killer’, noting that half a million older people go at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone at all.

 During the current national crisis, this problem will only get worse, as those over seventy have been advised to self-isolate for protection. Penny Appeal has launched a Listening Line, providing mental health support and a listening ear to those who are isolated, anxious or lonely.

The services will be welcoming of all, regardless of age or background.

Call us on 0300 303 1360. Our lines are open 12pm – 8pm, 7 days a week (excluding bank holidays).

Stay Home, Save Lives

How will you respond to the coronavirus?

We’re all concerned for the safety of our families and friends, and our instinct may be to stock up on essentials and retreat. But in this crisis, we need to stop looking inwards and widen our support to the people who really need it.

Elderly people are hidden away in their homes, terrified to leave and struggling to get by.

Disabled and immunosuppressed people already have to fight to survive, but this virus could send them into extreme anxiety, too.   

Poor families living pay check to pay check, and people working zero-hours contracts, are afraid of losing their homes and being unable to feed their families.

Homeless people are exposed to cold nights and adverse weather, and if they get the coronavirus, they will have nowhere to go and might not be strong enough to fight it off.

Every life has value. Every life matters.

Donate to our Coronavirus UK appeal now, and help Penny Appeal work with local partners to care for the people who are vulnerable and afraid in the face of the coronavirus.

Housing the Homeless

There are 320,000 homeless people in the UK, according to Shelter. It is estimated 40% of these people - 148,000 people - will catch Covid-19.

Whilst many homeless people are thankfully being sheltered through a government fund, there are still thousands of people who remain on the streets or sofa surfing. These people are incredibly vulnerable - not only to catching and spreading the coronavirus - but also to passing away from the virus, due to widespread health issues within the homeless population.

Penny Appeal are partnering with housing charity My Space to provide as many homeless people as possible with a secure home, so that they can self-isolate and stay safe. It costs just £3,500 to house a homeless person, and every penny you give will help provide accommodation and protect lives.

The UK Mosque Fund

Covid-19 has presented Muslim communities with a number of serious challenges, and our beloved local Mosques are facing an uncertain future as their regular week-to-week Friday collections have ceased. 

Our support for them is needed now more than ever and this is why we have partnered with the Muslim Council of Britain’s #SupportOurMosques campaign to produce a package of support for Mosques who are struggling financially due to Covid-19.

Is your mosque struggling to cover overhead costs of their buildings and premises during the coronavirus crisis? Click here to learn about what support is available, including weekly Jummah cash grants sponsored by Penny Appeal. The grants are designed to help support smaller, mainly volunteer-run Mosques who rely heavily on weekly donations. 

You can support local UK Mosques by donating to our UK Mosque fund, and becoming a champion for our communities in this difficult time.


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