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A global pandemic deserves a global response.

Penny Appeal are on the ground in Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Jordan, providing essential Food Packs, Hygiene Kits, Coronavirus Testing Kits and more to those affected by this deadly virus.

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Covid-19 in Yemen

Yemen faces a triple threat: conflict, famine and Covid-19.

Years of civil war and famine have left Yemen in a particularly vulnerable state, with no way to handle this deadly virus if it continues to spread through the country. Yemen is currently living through the world’s worst famine and millions rely heavily on humanitarian aid to feed their families, but the coronavirus is threatening their already fragile lives. In addition to the virus, UK relief funding for Yemen has been cut by 60% due to the pandemic. Without additional support, thousands could die

Healthcare professionals in Yemen are already caring for thousands of patients in need of treatment for malnutrition, cholera, malaria, diphtheria and more. Their healthcare facilities are overcrowded, and they simply don’t have the means to accommodate for the high number of Covid-19 cases coming in. Without support, the coronavirus will continue to spread and infect millions of poor families who are already struggling.

Penny Appeal are working with our partners on the ground to deliver Food Packs, Hygiene Kits and other essentials to the most vulnerable Yemeni people. Our partner on the ground is delivering hundreads of boxes of PPE for medical staff and Covid-19 testing kits to hospitals in Yemen, providing protection for emergency centres and hospitals which serve approximately 150,000 people.

With your help, we can reach those most in need and help them survive this deadly pandemic.

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Covid-19 in Syria

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the Middle East, there is growing concern that Syria won't recover from this global outbreak – which would be catastrophic in a country already ravaged by 10 years of war.

According to the World Health Organisation, only half of Syrian hospitals are functional, and there’s a huge lack of doctors, medical equipment and medication in the country.

We’ve already distributed thousands of Hygiene Kits and Food Packs to displaced Syrians in refugee camps throughout Northern Syria, but much more support is needed to keep these innocent people safe. We're also raising awareness of how people can try to protect themselves, by training community leaders to run workshops to help prevent the spread of the virus, as well as giving displaced widows and mothers money to support their families. 

With the help of our partners in Syria, the International Blue Crescent, we will be providing eight hospitals and nine public health centres with Coronavirus Test Kits and Protective Kits, and facemasks for potentially infected Syrians.

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Syria Medical Tents

Prevent The Virus From Spreading

Covid-19 in Palestine

For decades, the people of Gaza have faced near-constant conflict, blockades and energy shortages. According to the World Bank, 80% of Gazans need financial assistance and a staggering 60% of young people are unemployed.

With Gaza being one of the most densely populated places on this planet, there’s a high risk of coronavirus spreading rapidly through the camps and homes of almost 2 million people. Cases of coronavirus are quickly spreading in Gaza, and there is fear that the Gaza’s limited healthcare facilities will not be able to cope as this virus continues.

With the help of our incredible partners are on the ground, Medical Aid for Palestinians, we are setting up quarantine areas and a field hospital to help care for those who have been infected. We are also providing PPE, antiseptics, disinfectant and other hygiene essentials to frontline medical staff. 

Almost 1 in 4 Palestinians are unemployed, and the coronavirus is putting even more people out of work. We set up a 'cash for work' scheme, where those out of work have been paid to clean up the camps in the West Bank, as part of our Coronavirus Emergency response.

With your help, we can continue to provide sustainable and essential aid to those affected by Covid-19.

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Covid-19 in Jordan

With 447,000 cases of coronavirus now in Jordan, strict lockdowns and extensive restrictions on movement have been put into place. This has made it increasingly difficult for aid to reach those who are struggling to survive in isolation, especially displaced people within the country.

Jordan is home to the second largest number of refugees in the world, with around 750,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. Without help, Covid-19 will wreak havoc in poor and displaced communities throughout Jordan, infecting those with no means to care for themselves or treat the virus.

Penny Appeal is working with our partner on the ground, Collateral Repair, to distribute cash vouchers to vulnerable people in need. These vouchers will allow families to get the groceries, medicine and other essentials they need to keep themselves safe and well cared for. By distributing vouchers, we are ensuring that struggling families are getting exactly what they need, while stimulating the local economy as well.

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