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Current carers and children

Foster carers

Whether you have had a wonderful experience as a foster carer, or if you have had any problems, we need to hear from you.


Muslim Fostering can use this information to challenge and support poor practice and we will also include good fostering service providers in our list of recommended services. We can also use this information to map how many Muslim foster carers there are in the UK and which area they live in, so we can recruit Muslim foster carers in the areas where there is a high level of need.


Contact us and help us to direct our work to areas where it is most needed.

We're also looking for people to be part of an upcoming TV series about fostering and we may need your help to speak to the government about making changes to foster care. If any of these things sound interesting to you, fill in the contact form and we will get in touch.



Foster children

If you are a foster child (or if you have been fostered in the past), and you have some ideas about how we can improve this service, please contact us.


Of all fostering enquiries, less than 10% result in approval. The main reason for this is that many applicants do not understand the fostering task or requirements. Muslim Fostering insists that applicants have read all of the information in the Become a foster carer page before we can support them on their journey to approval.

PLEASE CONFIRM...that you have read the "Become a Foster Carer" page.

Fostering Enquiry Form


100% of your Zakat goes to those who are eligible - giving you 100% of the reward

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